Deep Eddy Cabaret * Austin Pub Crawls

Deep Eddy Cabaret keeps things simple. They serve beer and wine exclusively -- no liquor here -- but they're available at good prices. While there are televisions and a jukebox (with a great selection of music: Iggy Pop and Johnny Cash grace their menu), there's no gimmicky ploy to lure in customers. And they don't have to, because old timers are happy to come back time and time again.

On your pub crawl, there's sure to come a time when you're tired of the high definition televisions, the games, the noise, the clubs, the booty chasing. That's when you come to Deep Eddy's. This chill establishment exists for those who want a good, cold pitcher of beer and a conversation.

Address and Phone
Deep Eddy Cabaret
2315 Lake Austin Blvd
Austin, TX 78703