Mugshots * Austin Pub Crawls

Regulars call Mugshots the - anti-Sixth Street - bar because it's so much more laid back than all the other bars in the area. Set just off of Sixth, you'll find great deals on beer, and strong pours on liquor. This bar is classified as a dive, and when you saunter up to it you'll see why -- it's a little rough around the edges, but once you're inside you'll be glad you're there.

The back patio is spacious, and you have a great selection of music to enjoy on the jukebox. In case you're curious, you can check out the jukebox offerings beforehand on their website. And, of course, you can't miss out on the photo booth. The place is called Mugshots, after all.

Address and Phone
407 E 7th St
Austin, TX 78701